Based in the city of Zug in the Swiss Canton of the same name, Zuger Capital AG is an independent investment advisor.

With its mountainous landscape, Zug lies in the heart of Switzerland and is reachable from Zurich in less than 30 minutes. As the major center for global private wealth, Switzerland offers security, stability and high quality services for investors.

Zuger Capital AG can provide independent and tailored investment advice to institutional investors and certain high net worth clients. Our investment focus is on liquid stocks and bonds, however, we have experience in and can advise on a full range of instruments ranging from equity and credit derivatives to structured products and asset backed securities.

Zuger Capital AG has been regulated by PolyReg (www.polyreg.ch) since 2009 and has been a member of the Alternative Investment Manager Association since 2010.

Zuger Capital AG
Neugasse 19
6300 Zug, Switzerland

Phone:  +41 (0) 41 761 28 65
E-Mail:   info@zugercapital.com